On 23rd June 2022 the Sports Cell of Rachol Seminary declared their sports events open by organizing a grand Table Tennis exhibition match. The compere Sem. Meliston was like a cherry on top with his lively commentary. The referees were Sem. Ryan and Sem. Sheldon D’Souza. Both referees held the fort as they managed to keep the ball rolling. The match was between the ‘experienced giants’ Fr. Donato and Fr. Ashley vs the ‘fresh blood’ Fr. Jollyson and Fr. Socoro. At first the crowd favourites were the giants but just before the match the crowd changed their minds favouring the ‘fresh blood’. The first set was entirely dominated by the giants by holding the opponents on just 2 points. Fr. Jollyson and Fr. Socoro made a good comeback in the second set. In the third set the giants secured a 5-10 win. The fourth set saw a lot of good smashes from ‘fresh blood’, who were trying to pull the game on their side but the fourth set ended yet again favouring Fr. Donato and Fr. Ashley thus sealing the victory.

By manager