The Literary and Cultural Activities of Patriarchal Seminary organized the 16th Amchem Daiz on the 2nd February 2023 based on the theme GOYCHO MADD: GOYKARANCHEM DAIZ. The entire programme of the day was divided into three parts.

The first part began by invoking the name of the Lord and the lighting of the lamp. The Rector of the house, Rev. Dr. Aleixo Menezes welcomed the gathering, and following this were the three input sessions given by prominent personalities. The first input session was delivered by Mr. Nelson Figueredo, Ex Officiating Director of Agriculture on the topic “Coconut: Origin and Cultivation in Goa.” This covered important areas such as varieties, economy, and present scenario of the coconut plantation and cultivation in the Goan culture. The second speaker was Miss Akshatra Fernandes, Assistant Professor at Ganpat Parsekar College of Education, Arambol. In her input session, she threw some light on the socio-cultural significance of coconut and its protection. In brief, she explained the different parts of the coconut tree, and the role (medicinal value, influence in food, etc.) these parts play in the diverse cultures and religious traditions in India. The final session was delivered by Miss Shweta Gaonkar, the toddy tapping trainer, on the topic Scope in coconut production. She elaborated on five opportunities one could profit from in the coconut production. These include toddy tapping, coconut plucking, neera extraction, sur plus neera, and tender coconut selling. Later, there was group discussion where in Mr. Shariff Furtado the Zonal Agriculture Officer, addressed the questions regarding the Support provided by the government in empowering the agricultural sector in the state. Mr. Miguel Braganza and other experts in the field of agriculture also shared the views and experience on the significance and protection of coconut in Goa. The session was moderated by Mrs. Elsa Fernandes, a Lecturer at Government Polytechnic, Panaji.

The second part of the day which included hand-on-training in coconut artifacts demonstrated by Mr. Ramkrishna Gaude, weaving by Mrs. Laurian Menezes, broom making by Mr Santan and Mrs. Maria Mascarenhas, and coconut climbing by Rev. Fr. Benson Po. It was more fun and interesting as it involved imparting of practical knowledge and the participants themselves tried to equip with the skills. Experienced and skilled personal in their respective fields explained to the students how to go about in the above areas. The morning half of the day that included first two parts of the programme was attended by a total  of  300 participants from  various higher secondary schools and colleges across Goa.

The afternoon-evening session was held exclusively for the children from the neighboring schools. It included interschool competition wherein 23 schools presented either a skit, dance, fashion show, mando or a song based on the theme – Goycho Madd: Goykaranchem Daiz.” Every school rightly focused on the importance of the different parts of the coconut tree and it’s need of the hour to be protected, in their presentations. The 3rd place was bagged by St. Mary High School, Varca; the 2nd place by Regina Martyrium High School, Assolna; and the 1st place by St. Joseph High School, Shiroda.  The day came to an end with the distribution of the prizes and the participation certificates to the winners and participants.  

By manager