The LACARS committee organized the Mission Academy for the year 2023-2024 on the 18th of January at 3:30 pm in the seminary auditorium. Sem. Bevan Rebello coordinated the proceedings of the program. The two teams for the research paper presentation were, from the Theology section, Sems. Malcom Colaco and Aaron D’Souza with their paper titled “technocracy and theocracy”. It sought to understand the implications on theology in the light of the advancements in technology, and from the Philosophy section were Sems. Alvito Fernandes and Jovial Dias with their paper titled “Technology a friend of theology” which sought to understand how theology and technology can work hand in hand towards the betterment of the human person. The session was moderated by Fr. Onasis D’Cruz. It included an interactive session at the end open to the audience while the chief guest was Mr. Inacio Fernandes, who due to personal issues was unable to be present for the program but had his message read to the seminarians on his behalf.

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