On the auspicious occasion of the inaugural of the new formative year of the Rachol seminary, 2022-2023, the L.A.C.A.R.S. Happenings Board was unveiled by Cardinal designate Archbishop Patriarch Filipe Neri Ferrão. This board provides a fertile platform to every seminarian to showcase their literary talents by means of writeups, poems and sketches, etc. The L.A.C.A.R.S. “Happenings Board” in charge Sem. Nyron Naik explained the theme which is in unison with the synodality as expressed by Pope Francis and the pastoral theme of our Archdiocese “Follow Me”. The seminarians contributed for the first presentation of the “Happenings Board” with their creative writing covering topics like Bioremediation of heavy metals using micro-organisms, Jaduachem foll, Sopnam, Come Follow Me etc. The L.A.C.A.R.S. committee also took the initiative in putting up the “Entrance Board” depicting how the entire Rachol Seminary Community viz the seminarians, formators and the working staff follow Jesus as their role model based on the Gospel narrative as found in Mk. 1:17. The L.A.C.A.R.S. committee sincerely appreciates the artistic creativity put up by our seminarians to bring both the “Happenings Board and the Entrance Board” to light.  

By manager