On the 12th of February 2023 the Catechetical Unit of the Rachol Seminary organised the Annual Catechetical day in the seminary. The theme was “Mhoje Pattlean yeiat”. The event began with the Eucharistic celebration in the Seminary Church.  The Rector of the Seminary celebrated the mass and welcomed the gathering. The animator of the Catechetical unit Fr. Socoro Colaco preached a meaningful sermon. After the Mass the event continued in the seminary auditorium. The programme began with lively action songs by Sem. Meliston Fernandes and his team. Sem. Frazer Vaz gave an informative yet very creative talk on the life of Blessed Carlo Acutis. Thereafter there were simultaneous on-stage as well as off-stage events. On stage events included an option of either Thematic dance or Biblical skit or Parable enactment. While the poster making on the theme, “Sohobhageliponn” was compulsory for all. The performances were truly captivating as children gave in their best. The judges for the Programme were Mr. Joe Dias, Mrs. Nirmala Paes and Dr. Aida Dourado. The co-ordinator of the day Sem. Melvin Gomes expressed his gratitude to all. The programme had participation of catechists and catechism students from fifteen different Parishes and Chapels.  Sanvordem, Ilha de Rachol and Ambora secured first, second and third prizes in Poster competition, while Carvota, Rachol and Dramapur were winners of the Dance Competition. The Parable competition saw Ilha de Rachol and Curtorim as first and second place winners. The programme concluded with a prayer by Fr. Socoro Colaco and then everyone dispersed to the allotted places to have their meals.

By manager