On 5th December 2022, the Apostolic Nuncio visited the Rachol Seminary. As he entered the Seminary Church, the Santa Cecilia Choir sang Ecce Sacerdotos Magnus accompanied by the Pipe Organ. In the Church, the Apostolic Nuncio addressed the seminarians of the Rachol Seminary exhorting them to know about Christ through the study of the Scripture and Theology and experience Christ by means of prayer and spiritual exercises.

In the Seminary auditorium, the Apostolic Nuncio addressed the Priests working in the Archdiocese of Goa and Daman. He reminded the priests that we have been called by Jesus Christ to exercise the triple munera of preaching, sanctifying and serving as Jesus did. He exhorted the priests to involve the people in the exercise of the triple munera. In order to be effective in our pastoral minister, he advised the priest to prepare well for the breaking of the Word of God, sanctify oneself through the praying of the breviary and the celebration of the Eucharist, and serve the people by being humble. The Nuncio then interacted with the priests.

Earlier, Fr. Aleixo Menezes, welcome the Apostolic Nuncio, Cardinal Ferrão and the priests. Fr. Mathew Rebello conducted the orchestra and the choir. Fr. Macson Fernandes welcomed the Apostolic Nuncio with a shawl and His Eminence was presented by Sem. Reuel Fernandes with a bouquet of flowers. At the end, His Eminence and the Rector presented a token to the Nuncio. Fr. Nelson Sequeira proposed the vote of thanks.

By manager