inaugural match

Inaugural Football Match

The Patriarchal Seminary of Rachol solemnly inaugurated the formative year 2014-2015 on 3rd July 2014-2015. It was an apt occasion for the Sports Association of Rachol Seminary to organize the traditional football match between the Theologians and the Philosophers. It was held on the Seminary ground at 5:00 pm. The match preceded with brief ceremony. The tense encounter saw the ball swinging from one end to the other. The match was ultimately won by the Philosophers with a solitary goal. Sem. Movin fernandes squeezed through the defense of the Theologians to score the only goal. The chief guest for the occasion was Sem. Jackie Albuquerque. The referee for the match was Sem. Jude Coelho and the linesmen were Sem. Roman fernandes and Sem. Gizan fernandes.

                                                 Line-up for the match

Theologians                                                                                                Philosophers

Peter martin Fernandes                                                                      Movin Fernandes

Jovier Barreto                                                                                       Sanford Rodrigues

Agnel Simoes                                                                                         Ashliff Correia

Anthony Carvalho                                                                                Afzal Fernandes

Reagan Fernandes                                                                               Boris Dias

Richard Rodrigues                                                                               Ceasor Dias

Mario Noronha                                                                                     Leslie Noronha

Melvin Fernandes                                                                                Denrish D`Costa

Edwin D`sa                                                                                             Movin D`costa

Alroy Gomes                                                                                          Frankey Carvalho

Mario Carvalho                                                                                     Clarence Carneiro

William D`souza                                                                                   Clive Diniz

                                                                                                                Magnus Gama

Manager: John Alban                                                                  Manager: Newton Fernandes

Coach: Savio D`Silva                                                                      Coach: Selwino Pereira