On September 9, 2023, the All-India Mission Seminary of Pilar and the Patriarchal Seminary of Rachol jointly organized a symposium under the theme, “Current Socio-Political Scenario in India: A Citizen’s Response.” The event aimed to provide a platform for intellectuals, scholars, and citizens to discuss and deliberate upon the pressing socio-political issues in India.
At the very outset, Rev. Dr. Donato Rodrigues, the Rector of the Patriarchal Seminary of Rachol welcomed the resource persons as well as the participants and emphasized the duty of every citizen towards building ‘India’ – a nation of integrity, justice and peace, which cares for the holistic development of everyone.
The highlight of the symposium featured a keynote address by Rev. Dr. Suresh Mathew Pallivathukal, Editor of Indian Currents. Dr. Suresh Mathew in his thought-provoking address on the topic – ‘Quo Vadis India?’ outlined the challenges and complexities of the current socio-political landscape in India. He emphatically called upon every citizen to respond proactively and courageously to address these issues. Dr. Pallivathukal critically, systematically and convincingly elucidated the current threats to the Indian Constitution and urged the gathered attendees to speak out, as it is our responsibility and sacred duty as citizens to do so.
Additionally, three more papers were presented during the symposium: 1) “Upholding Art. 25 & Art. 26: Towards a Harmonious & Progressive Nation” by Dr. Saba Da Silva, wherein the audience were enlightened on the aspects of freedom of religion in our country as spoken of in the constitution; 2) “Pseudo Nationalism: A Challenge to Secularism in the Goan Context” by Rev. Fr. Savio Fernandes, who insightfully brought out how in current times fundamentalism is promoted under the guise of nationalism; and 3) “Nation Building: Role of the Church in India.” by Sem. Frazer Vaz, who significantly brought to the fore the immense contribution and resourcefulness of the Church in India from the time of her independence till date, notwithstanding the immense number of challenges and obstacles she faced.
In the evening, a short cultural program was organized by the Seminarians of Patriarchal Seminary of Rachol and the All India Mission Seminary of Pilar, followed by a panel discussion where various questions and concerns from students and the gathered congregation were discussed, deliberated and answered.
The event was compered by Sem. Aestrony Costa and Sem. Lindon Sequeira, whereas Fr. Mathew Rebelo proposed the vote-of-thanks.
One could say with conviction that the Symposium on the “Current Socio-Political Scenario in India: A Citizen’s Response” served as a potent platform for the dissemination of researched content, participation in learned discussions and contribution towards critical thinking. It underscored the importance of an engaged and responsible citizenry in addressing the complex issues facing the nation. The event concluded with a renewed sense of commitment among participants to work towards a more inclusive, just, and progressive India.

By manager