Seminary Day Report


On 19th December 2013, Rachol Seminary celebrated its annual Seminary Day, an evening of musical and dramatic presentation. The presence of our Bishop Most Rev. Filip Neri Ferrao and the chief guest of the day Shri Michael D’Souza, the Director of Department of Science and Technology ennobled the day. The programme started with the National Anthem played by the Seminary Orchestra and soon followed by the Radetzky  March by Johann Strauss. Then the Rector of the house Fr. Dennis Fernandes welcomed everyone with his enriching words. Seminary Choir performed L. Beethoven’s Hallelujah Chorus and L. G. Kratz’s I am in need of music, conducted by Fr. Romeo Monteiro. The English musical, “The perfect Gift” directed by Mrs. Cassandr Gonsalves, persuaded the feelings for the upcoming season of Christmas to understand God’s ways and designs and find answers to them.  The meritorious students were rewarded for their hard work and excellence in the field of academics. “LUCEAS” the annual magazine was released by Shr. Michael D’Souza. To portray the richness of Goan culture, a Kunnbi-Fugddi was colorfully depicted through song and dance. “Pavlam” a musical operetta based on faith was staged exhorting the faithful to live their lives as per the virtues of Christian faith.  Arch Bishop’s address to the seminarian and the audience set the agenda for the Christmas season.