Faith Film Festival

Faith Film Festival held at Rachol seminary

RACHOL:For the first time ever to commemorate the year of Faith, a Faith Film Festival was held at the Rachol Seminary on January 16.The students of Rachol seminary expressed their faith in six films of 10 minutes duration each.

 The Chief Guest Fr Feroz Fernandes, Editor of Vauraddeancho Ixtt, speaking on the occasion stated that the most important challenge to express faith in the digital environment. In a particular way we need to be attentive to the emergence of the popularity of the social networks.

 The names of the films  were Faithby MelitoD’Costa from Varca; Journey of Centuries by Rony Fernandes from Cortalim; Halleluiah by SavioD’Silva from Sao Jose De Areal  ;DubhavachimDaram by Roman Rodrigues from Arambol; Imagining Heaven on Earth by AlfiD’Cruz from Panchwadi  and AsaHanvToyarby SavioD’Silva from Sao Jose De Areal.

  ‘It is a deeper calling that is expressed presently in the Seminary Mission Academy forum to reach to people of all strata of life has produced amazing results in history of the seminary. The Faith Films Festival is a small beginning waiting for great benefits for the people of Goa’ Fr Feroz stated.

The compare for the program was Mansueto Fernandes.   Savio D’Silva from Sao Jose De Areal a first year student of theology explaining the purpose of the  festival stated that there is a challenges for priests and seminarians to caste into the deep ocean of  the new media with  inspiring trainers of  potential seminarians to use more audio visual in  faith expression

This venture was taken by the Seminary L.A.C.A.R.S. (Literary Academic Cultural Activities of Rachol Seminary) Team to commemorate this year dedicated to faith and also celebrated the feast of Bl. Joseph Vaz.

The Chief Guest for this auspicious occasion was Fr. Firoz Fernandes, sfx who was also the judge for the competition along with Fr. Maxim Pinto and Fr. AleixoMenezes.

Fr. AleixoMenezes, Professor at the Rachol Seminary moderated the panel discussion after each film.

Fr. Donato Rodrigues, Vice Rector  of the Rachol seminary then  inaugurated the official Seminary Website

Ended with the final speech given by Fr. Firoz Fernandes in which he appreciated the hard work and zeal of the seminarians in preparing the films. He also stressed on the aspect of faith that was neatly brought out by the seminarians and informed them about some technicalities and suggestions which could be used to enhance the quality of the films.

Thus the New Evangelization was started in Rachol Seminary and I hope this spark will soon get converted into a full fledged flame.