ST JOSEPH’S OUTREACH – Report 2016-17

During the formative year 2016-2017, the conference undertook the following activities:

The Annual Fete: the annual fete of the conference was held on 13th November 2016 on the occasion of the Solemnity of Sacred Heart of Jesus. The fete was organised to raise funds for the functioning of the conference. The annual brochure of the conference was released during the event. The villagers from the neighbouring villagers emptied their pockets to raise funds for a generous cause. Sem Aidan Fernandes was the co-ordinator of the day.

The annual day with the beneficiaries: This year the event was held on the 19th December 2016. The day began with the sacrament of reconciliation for the beneficiaries and the Eucharist celebrated by Fr Peter Britto. The second part of the day consisted of a variety entertainment programme for the beneficiaries. The day culminated by a fellowship meal and distribution of gifts to the beneficiaries. The responsibility of the event was shouldered by Sem. Alfi D’Cruz

The annual visit: the members of the conference visited St Xavier’s Academy, Old Goa on 26th January 2017 to spend few moments of joy with the differently abled children of the academy. Entertainment programme and games were the highlights of the day. The members of the academy were then given refreshment and a gift item as a token from the conference. Sem. Peter D’ Souza co-ordinated the event.

Finally, the year ended with the distribution of summer provision for the beneficiaries under the guidance of Sem. Jerson Costa.