Sports Seminar


The Sports Association of Rachol Seminary organized a seminar on sports on 10th July, 2014. The seminar began at 9:00 am with a welcome address by Sem. Rony Fernandes. The Resource persons were Dr. Sitakant Ghanekar and Sir Adley D`Costa.

Dr. Sitakant Ghanekar conducted the first session. The session was on ‘First-Aid and Sport Injuries’. He highlighted the immediate response to be given to two important injuries i.e. Heart Attack and Spinal Cord. He said that common sense and knowledge of first-aid is a vital means to save human life during sports injuries. After expounding the first-aid to be given during various sports injuries theoretically, he practically demonstrated to the participants’ heart compression, transportation of casualties and several other techniques.

The second session was conducted by Sir Adley D`Costa on the topic `Contentious Football Rules`. He elaborated on the different laws in football. He also discussed some of the controversial decisions given in different matches. He practically demonstrated the various rules to the participants and answered different queries. The Seminar ended by 12:45 pm with a vote of thanks proposed by Sem. Reagan Fernandes. The compere for the seminar was Sem. Aidan Fernandes.