Sports Activities for the Year 2016-17

The Sports Association of Rachol Seminary (S.A.R.S) organized various activities for the year 2016-2017.

Traditional Football Face Off

On 30th July 2016 the traditional football match between the Theology seminarians and the Philosophy seminarians of Rachol Seminary was organized at the seminary ground a 5:00 p.m. The match was witnessed by the non playing students of both Philosophy and Theology course. The Theology side was captained by seminarian Myron Noronha and the skipper for the Philosophy was Mowin D’costa. Theology course considered an early goal that was scored by Gizan Fernandes and that was all needed for the Philosophy team to win the match.

Table Tennis Singles and Doubles Tournament

For the singles Sem. Elvis Godinho emerged as the champion of the Table Tennis singles against sem. Ceaser Dias, and the third place was bagged by Sem. Christopher Fernandes of Green house. For the Doubles the first place was bagged by Sem.Myron Fernandes and sem. Frankey Carvalho. Second place was acquired by Sem. Elvis Godinho and Sem. Snyter Perreira and the third place was won by Sem. Joephil Dias and Sem. Ceasar Dias.

Class wise and house wise volleyball tournament

The sports cell of Rachol seminary organized the Class Wise as well as House wise Volleyball Tournament. For the class wise tournament the Priest had collaborated with the staff to form a team and 4th and 3rd year theology classes combined as one team. The class wise tournament was won by the 4th and 3rd year theology students and second place was secured by 2nd year theology and third place was bagged by Staff. The house wise champions were Red house; second place was bagged by Yellow house and on third spot was captured by Green house.

Class wise Cricket tournament

On 14th November 2015 The Sports Cell of Rachol Seminary organized a cricket tournament with 8th teams participating. The first place for the tournament was acquired by the 3rd year theology, the second place was secured by the 3rd year philosophy and the third place was held 2nd year theology. The promising player for the tournament was Aliston Faleiro of 1st year philosophy.

Inter class football tie breaker

The Sports Cell of Rachol Seminary organized the annual Inter Class Football Tie Breaker on 9th January 2017. The first place was secured by 3rd year theology, on second spot stood 3rd year philosophy and third place was trapped by 1st year philosophy.

House wise football tournament

The sports cell of Rachol seminary organized house wise football tournament. Each team consisted of eight players and it was a knock out tournament. Red and Yellow house won their first match and both the teams entered for the finals. 1st place for this tournament was earned by Yellow house, on 2nd position were Red house and 3rd place was bagged by Green house.

Class wise Football Tournament

The sports cell of the Rachol seminary organized class wise football tournament. It was a successful tournament with seven teams participating in it. The winners of the tournament were 3rd and 4th year theology students and the 1st year theology bagged the runner’s spot, on the third place stood the 1st year philosophy.

Carrom singles and doubles tournament

The sports cell of Rachol seminary organized carrom singles and doubles tournament. The carrom single’s was won by Sem. Reagan Fernandes and the runner up for the same was experienced Sem. Francisco Pires and the third place was bagged by Sem. Agnel Simoes. The carrom doubles was won by Sem. Reagan Fenandes and Sem. Sanford Rodrigues, the second place was bagged by Sem. Venancio Fernandes and Sem. Leslie Noronha, finally the third place was secured by Sem. Joism D’souza and Sem. Agnel Simoes.

Friendly Football Match between Pilar and Rachol Seminarians.

Let our play proclaim” was the theme with which the two communities of Rachol and Pilar Mission Seminary began the Annual Friendly match on 2 February 2017 on the football ground of Rachol Seminary at 4:00 pm. The Rector of the Rachol Seminary, Rev. Dr. Aleixo Menezes then welcomed the guests, dignitaries and the seminarians. The Chief Guest for the day was Fr. Norman Almeida, the diginitaries present were Fr. Lindon Rodrigues, the Sports Animator of Pilar Seminary, Frs. Elvis Fernandes, Savio Gracious, Savio Cabral, Max Gonsalves, Paul Fernandes, Leonard and Siju, along with the Priests and Seminarians of Rachol Seminary, the hosts of the day. The officials for the day were Mr. Juze, Mariano and Milagres.

Sem. Clifford Fernandes of Rachol Seminary scored the first goal in the 20th minute of the game. With this sole goal the Rachol Seminary claimed its victory, for the third consecutive year. Both the teams displayed wonderful strategy and great persistence in trying to break each other’s defense. Prizes: the best scorer Clifford Fernandes, best goal keeper: Vicky of Pilar Seminary, Best Midfielder: Isaac of Pilar Semianry and best defender: Joe of Pilar Semianry. The Captain of the Pilar Seminary Sem. Joe thanked the hosts, the Rachol Seminary community and that of the Pilar Seminary for the wonderful evening. The President of the Sports Cell of Rachol Seminary, Jovial Fernandes proposed the vote of Thanks, thanking the staff and seminarians of both the seminaries for participating in the match and building the bond between the two historic Seminaries of Goa. The day ended with lowering of the flags of each day and followed by a fellowship in the dining hall.

Sports day report

The annual sports day of the Rachol Seminary was held on the 19th of February, 2017 on the seminary grounds. The chief guest for this event was Ms. Maria Rebello, parishioner of curtorim and a renowned sportsperson and a profession referee. The event began at 3.15pm with the hoisting of flags, which was followed by the march past by the seminarians. The march past was accompanied by the brass band of the seminary. A drill and Pyramids were performed by the seminarians. Seminarians also participated in the 100mts, 200mts, and 4x100mts relay race. 100mts, 200mts creative hurdle race and 4x100mts relay race were also conducted for the catechism students. The latter half of the day also witness a group game for the catechism students and a game for catechist and the guest. The chief guest and the other guest distributed the prizes of all the activities conducted by the sports cell of Rachol seminary throughout the year.