Second Seminar for Catechist at Rachol Seminary, 2017 – 2018

On the 22nd of September 2017, The Catechetical unit of Rachol Seminary (CURS) organized the second Seminar for the Catechists at the Seminary auditorium. This seminar was the continuation on the explanation of the basic Formulae of Faith. Over 250 Catechiststook active part in this seminar. The seminar began at 3.00 pm with a prayer service lead by Sem. Aidan Fernandes and MelitoD’Costa.

Sem.Elvis Godinho and Sem. RoblanMascarenhas were the two speakers for the day. Sem. Elvis Godinho, explained the ‘Act of Contrition’ in the first session and  Sem. RoblanMascarenhasexplained in detail the‘Hail Holy Queen’ in the second session.

The audience was kept enthralled by the compering of Sem. Clarence Carneiro. Sem. Edwin D’Sawith his team kept the Catechistslively and activeby their action songs. The Co-coordinator of the seminar, Sem. Myron Noronha, thanked the Catechists for being a part of this seminar and seminarians for being a great help by fulfilling their respective duties well.