Poster Painting

LACARS Activity IV: Poster Painting competition

On the 14th of January, 2014, LACARS Activity IV, namely Poster Painting Competition was held at the Patriarchal Seminary of Rachol for the Seminarians. The theme was “Joy of Evangelizing”. The criteria included (a) Creativity and Originality (15) (b) Conceptualization of the Theme (20) and (c) Colour Scheme (15). Altogether, there were 10 entries. The judges for the competition were Fr. George Dias, Fr. Mariano Travasso and Mr. Saluzinha G. Pereira. This activity enabled the seminarians to skillfully display their artistic talent and aesthetic sense. The coordinator for the activity was sem. Dyrel Dias. The winners were: 1st Place: Sem. Dyrel Dias (Green House), 2nd Place: Sem. Magnus Gama (Yellow House) and 3rd Place: Francisco Barretto (Blue House). Pope John Paul II in His Letter to the Artists qoutes, “None can sense more deeply than you artists, ingenious creators of beauty that you are, something of the pathos with which God at the dawn of creation looked upon the work of his hands….” The Paintings were exhibited at the Mission Academy programme on 16th of January.DSC_2031

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