Lectio Brevis 15


Fr. George Dias


• Jesus called his disciple in Mk 3; 4 and Mt 10…for 4 fold ministry; to be with him, to proclaim, to heal and to cast out demons.
• CONSECRATED DISCIPLESHIP … is a lifelong commitment. A response to this invitation from Jesus.
• CONSECRATED DISCIPLESHIP … mean forever dedicated to God, belongs to God and is a focused life.
• Pope Francis has declared “the Year of Consecrated Life” with the theme, “Wake up the World”. Vita Consecrata is revitalised. Authentic Kairos.
• Vita Consecrata 3… gift to the Church. Grows, directed
• It is a call to make an outward journey.
• The Church must be attractive. It is possible to live differently in the world

It is a call to all and not just for the religious. A true genuine experience with the Master is contagious and infectious. This deep experience with Jesus results in deep JOY. Let us be witnesses of this Joy in our family and in the world.

I) Look at the past with gratitude: vision, values, charisms
II) Live the present with passion; word in practice
III) Embrace the future with hope; in world of crises … He is there with us


I) Called to be Joyful

• Big brains are in big institutions. And they are the best brains. Let us question ourselves; are these the happy and joyful brain?
• Yves Congar recollecting Perfectae Caritatis no. 6 says that personal prayer, the speciality of Consecrated life, is the heart that brings in real joy.
• Pope says PAGE 19: “wherever consecrated people are, there is always joy.
• The young people that we meet are attracted to us because they see in us happiness and joy… New Language.

II) Prophetic Witnesses
• Don’t just appear but be
• It is a call to be a sign of contradiction.

• In our busy schedule, make time for those who are led to despair, those who have no one to stand by them, those who are bent, battered and burnt.
• A prophet has no interest other than God.
• At times, like Elijah and Jonah… we are tempted to flee the role because of the demands, tiredness…

III) Spirituality of Communion
• We come from different background
• We form a new family and are called to be truly other oriented. Envy and jealousy have no place in our houses.
• We will be sinners but don’t be corrupt
• Formation is an Art, not a police action … Fathers n travelling Companions. Heart or monsters.

IV) New Evangelizers
• The success in mission work doesn’t depend on the efficacy of methods but on the lives that radiate joy of Jesus. We will find life by giving life, hope by giving hope and love by giving love
• Show Preference to the poor. Be creative.
• Nest. Teach others to pray.
• Go forth… don’t be closed in on yourself.
• If you try to resolve the problems of others, yours will be solved.

V) Lay collaboration
• Promoting Lay-leadership
• Dialogical Structures in the Church

VI) Incarnated Spirituality
• Creative engagement in the world
• Laudato si… community salvation
• It means holding the Bible and History close to the heart
• Growing Communalism… protest against the violation of rights… along with secular minded people.

The call of the Pope is applicable to all. Before we wake up the world, let us first wake up