Inter Religious Meeting at Rachol Seminary


Carrying on with the idea of inculcating social values and fostering communal ties with people of different beliefs, the Inter Religious Cell of the Patriarchal Seminary of Rachol held its annual Inter Religious Meeting in the seminary auditorium on 2nd October 2018. The theme for meeting was “Embracing Other, Progressing Together”. The programme began with a prayer service that urged everybody to delve upon the universal Love of God to the whole humanity. Following, the rector of the seminary Rev. Dr. Aleixo Menezes welcomed the special invitees and the auspicious gathering comprising of people from different beliefs. In his address the rector also highlighted the visit of Swami Vivekananda to our seminary, as this year we celebrate the 125 years of the speech made by this great personality at the world parliament on religions.

Later speakers from Islam, Christianity and Hinduism expounded the theme based on their religious perspective. Ms.Zeba Khan brought forth the marvels contained in the Quran which urges everybody to seek God in every person. Mr. DonaldFernandes, representing Christianity spoke at length about the assistance that he receives from different individuals irrespective of their religious affiliations in reaching out to the downtrodden and marginalised people of our society. Ms.KarunaSatardekar belonging to Hinduism explicated the theme using the analogy of the nature which serves the whole humanity without doing any discrimination. She also highlighted the need for tolerance and peace in building a strong humanity. A mime by the students of Rosary College, Navelim, a song by the youth of Grace Church Margao and a dance performance by the Seminarians of Rachol Seminary beautifully illustrated the theme for the day, much to the delight of the audience.

Earlier in the day the participants were actively involved in a group discussion to share their personal views on embracing the other in order to progress together. The discussions were ably moderated by Mr. RupeshShinkre, Mr. Usman Khan, Ms. Hegel Da Costa, Ms. Deepa Audi and Sem. Joephil Dias.

Anoath was then taken by all those present wherein each one pledged to embrace the other regardless of their religion, culture, way of life so on and so forth.SemFrankyFernandes, the Coordinator for the day then proposed the vote of thanks. The programme was compered by Sem.MelitoD’Costa.

InterReligious Meet