Inaugural Day


The new Academic Year 2018-2019 of the Patriarchal Seminary of Rachol was solemnly inaugurated on 4thJuly 2018 with the solemn Eucharistic celebration celebrated by Most Rev. Archbishishop-Patriarch Filipe NeriFerrao. The theme chosen for the new academic year is Being Formed for Priestly Anointing, to bring Good News to the Poor (IadnikiSonvskarnentAkarta, GoribankBoriKhobordiunk). It was a threefold celebration i.e. the feast of St. Thomas, the solemn inaugural of the Academic Year and the admission of the 4th Year Theology seminarians into the clerical order. 19 new seminarians, who wore the cassock for the first time, were welcomed into the community. After the Eucharistic Celebration, the Seminary community along with the Archbishop gathered in the seminary auditorium for the traditional Lectio Brevis this year being delivered by Rev. Dr.Agnelo Pinheiro. It was titled: Decoding the Understanding of Liberty: Taylorian Hermeneutics.The programme began with the Seminary Orchestra playing a march of Beethoven and sandwiched in between was the choral rendition named All Glory Laud and Honour of Melchior Teschner, with J.S. Bach’s arrangement. The Archbishop in his address called the seminarians to be Joyful, faithful and merciful, basing himself on the new Apostolic Exhortation Gaudete et Exsultate(Rejoice and Be glad) of Pope Francis. The programme concluded with the singing of the Seminary Anthem.

The second half of the day was a time for the Rachol Seminary community to get its hands dirty in the mud- it was the day marked for transplantation in the Seminary field. The Seminary community was assisted by 80 women volunteers from Borda, Agalli, Fatorda, Siroda, Raia, Rachol, Nuvem, Ambaulim.  They were later also joined by some Youth along with the Assistant Parish Priest of São José de Areal.  It was a wonderful experience for the Seminary community to be with Mother Nature.  The produce from the fields are used by the Seminary for its daily consumption.  The rains added fun and joy for the activity!