Inaugural 15


Consecrated in the Family, to Awaken the Society is the theme chosen by the Patriarchal Seminary of Rachol to orient itself for the formative year based on the Pastoral theme and the Year dedicated for the Consecrated Life.  The Archbishop Patriarch, Filipe NeriFerrao solemnly inaugurated the formative year 2015-16 on the 3rd of July, 2015, with the Eucharistic celebration followed by the cultural programme.

Seventeenseminarians wore the cassock for the first time as they entered the process of formation at the Major Seminary. The Archbishop administered the Rite of Admission to Diaconate and Presbyteratefor eight candidates doing their Fourth Year of Theology.

The cultural function began with the Seminary Orchestra, titled ‘American Patrol’ of F.W. Meachen, arranged and conducted by Rev. Fr. Simon D’Cunha.  An assembly of forty one seminarians played strings and brass instruments. The Rector, Rev. Dr. AleixoMenezes while officially welcoming the gathering, thanked and appreciated the valuable services rendered by Rev. Fr. ArvinoFernandes and welcomed the new members of the Staff, Rev. Fr. Edson Fernandes as the Professor of Sacred Scripture and Rev. Fr. Marcelin Rodrigues as the Prefect of Discipline. He also informed that the count of the Seminarians for the year 2015-2016 is ninety-seven.

Rev. Fr. George Dias, the Dean of Theology Course, delivered the traditional LectioBrevisentitled “Consecrated Discipleship: A Challenge to Wake Up the World.” Re-echoing the challenge of Pope Francis, he called upon every Christian to awaken oneself first in order to wake up the world.  The Seminary Choir presented a choral piece titled ‘Magnify Glorify’ by George F. Root, conducted by Rev. Fr. Simon D’Cunha.

Archbishop Patriarch highlighted that every Christian should live the present with passion by emphasizing the need to make Jesus as the one and only love, to be experts in communion and to cultivate caring leadership skills especially towards the poor and the marginalized. He also called each one to love and cherish one’s families and to reach out the families in distress. The compere for the day was Sem. OnasisD’Cruz.

The important item of the inaugural day was the transplantation of the paddy in the fields by the seminarians and priests of the seminary, who were assisted by volunteer-women from Borda, Agalli, Gogol, Raia, Rachol and Siroda.                                    From the Seminary News Desk