Concert of Classical Religious Music

A Spiritual Musical Fiesta of Rachol Seminary

Music and Goa belong together. Music being a universal language, is also a Goan language. As such it has played a great role in the making of Goa and Goans. Goa and Goans belong together in several ways producing a livable Goa and Goan-ness. Music plays a vital part in the shaping of Goa of today. It has given us great possibilities of being Goans. Several Goans have contributed both nationally and internationally to the field of music. Church in Goa has always given a prime space for music in the life of faith of Catholics. It defines the way of being Christians in Goa in a profound way. The being out there of music also relates to the being out there of a Goan Catholics and Goans in general. ‘The way we are’ is ‘the way our music’ is and ‘the way our music’ is ‘is the way we are’. Indeed, music plays a significant role in producing Goan culture alongside other factors.
Music produced in Goa has brought about a wonderful fusion of the east and the west. We saw this beautifully displayed in the much acclaimed film ‘Nachuia Kupasar’. This uniquely blended music has become matured like old wine over the centuries and continues to animate life in Goa accompanying its high and lows. Catholic musicians have excelled as composers, instrumentalist and singers in different fields of music alongside several Hindu luminaries. Within this illustrious musical past and present, we have to place the contribution of Rachol Seminary in red letters. The seminary has played a distinguished role in the production of church music in the past by training priests and conducting examination for the laymen who gave musical leadership to the church worship at the parish level. During the past few years the seminary Santa Cecilia Choir has presented ten concerts of scintillating religious music to the standing applause of the audience. Seminary is now preparing to present eleventh edition of a concert of classical music on 16th April 2018 at Se Cathedral Church Old Goa at 6. pm.
The repertoire resonates with liturgical mood of the season. It promises to dish out soothing Easter and Marian music that would take the audience into a spiritual delight. The choir consists of 75 singers and fifty five musicians. The evening would begin with the resounding echoing of the Hallelujah from Bach’s Cantata BWW 143. Continuing the jubilant mood, the choir will then take up Gloria, Sanctus-Benedictus Mass in C major K V 258 by W. A. Mozart. Next, the choir would sing the Magnificat by Johann Pachelbel. It would be followed by the musical wizardry of Hail Holy Queen from the sister’s act which would be distinguished by an accompaniment of a soprano saxophone by ever versatile Braz Gonsalves. Next, on the repertoire is Mohozo Otmo Soreveporak Vakhannta- a Konkani magnificat which would be sung by the melodiously talented Gisela Peirera and accompanied by equally gifted youngest violinist Anthea Dias as a violin soloist. Next will be Noman Marie , a solo sung by Sharmila Gracias who will be accompanied by a clarinet solist Roy Menezes. This will be flowed by Kristacho Mog Mhaka Thar Dina, a solo that would be sung Jean da Cruz Fernandes. Finally, a Medley of Old Marian Hymns will be sung by Soprano and Alto soloist Kimberly Fernandes and Avina Furtado. Gloria – soloist will be Efeginia Miranda(soprano), Janis Fernandes(alto), Blaise Lobo(tenor), Elvis Godinho(bass).Benedictus – soloist will be Lanishka Vaz(soprano), Alfreeda Menezes(alto), Clive Diniz(tenor), Edwin D’sa(bass).The choir will be conducted by the music professor of Rachol Seminary Rev. Fr. Simon Mathew D’Cunha. This concert is open for all music lovers, seminary benefactors and well wishers. The concert promises to be a proudly delightful spiritual festival.