Activities of the year 2016 – 2017

The Catechetical Seminar I

10th July, 2016: The first catechetical seminar for the new as well as the old catechists. The theme for the seminar was “ The Minor Prophets.” The seminar was co-ordinated by sem. Jovier Barreto. It was well attended by the catechists.


17th July 2016: LACARS –I : The LACARS cell of the seminary organised its first activity called Splashville. The Community Programme consist of various competition like T-Shirt painting, Wealth out of waste, Essay/ report writing, Music, pot painting for priests, guests, watermelon carving. The Red House was the winner of the day.

Traditional Football Face Off

30th July 2016: The traditional football match between the Theology seminarians and the Philosophy seminarians of Rachol Seminary was organized at the seminary ground a 5:oo p.m. Theology course considered an early goal that was scored by Gizan Fernandes and that was all needed for the Philosophy team to win the match.

The Catechetical Seminar I

25th September, 2016: The second catechetical seminar was dealt with the remaining Minor Prophets viz. Hagai, Malachi and Zechariah, thereby ending the section of minor prophets. In addition to it, a session was given to the catechists on the life of Ven. Fr. Agnelo D’ Souza. The seminar was co-ordinated by Sem. Agnel Simoes.

Dialogue(Sanvad) writing competition

11th September 2016: The second activity was a Dialogue (Sanvad) writing competition held on the 11th of September. It was a competition in both the languages of English and Konkani. Two pairs from each house took part in this activity. The topics comprised of the Year of Mercy, Motherhood or any festival of Goa.

ACTIVITY III: Inter Religious Meet

2nd October. 2016: The Inter Religious Prayer Meet is held every year on the 2nd of October in the Rachol Semenary. The L.A.C.A.R.S. committee in association with the the Committee for Inter Religious Dialogue of the seminary organizes this prayer meet. The theme of this year’s meet was “Family, Cradle of Humanity” “Kuttumb, Munisponnache Paynne”.
The day was held in two modes. The first session consisted of a group discussion. All the participants were put into groups and were given some questions pertaining to the theme of the meet to discuss upon. The representatives from each of the three major religions in Goa were present for this meet. Dr. Jagdish Kakodkar represented the Hindu community, Mrs. Meena Bhanu represented the Muslim community and Ms. Augusta Cardoso represented the Catholic community. These representatives in their speeches, from the view of their respective religion, highlighted on the role of the family which acts as the harbinger in instilling social and moral values among its members. They also emphasized on the goodness they have received from the brethren of the other religions and appealed to all to work for communal harmony. A mime was presented by the seminarians based on the said theme. An oath was taken by all the participants to contribute towards making their family as the cradle of humanity. The meet had a wide range of participation from the young and the old, college students and from the neighboring villages.

Feast of Sacred Heart of Jesus And The Annual Fete

13th November 2016: The annual fete of the conference was held on the occasion of the Solemnity of Sacred Heart of Jesus. The fete was organised to raise funds for the functioning of the conference. The annual brochure of the conference was released during the event. The villagers from the neighbouring villagers emptied their pockets to raise funds for a generous cause. Sem Aidan Fernandes was the co-ordinator of the day.

Cricket Tournament

14th November 2015: The Sports Cell of Rachol Seminary organized a cricket tournament with 8th teams participating. Each team consisting of 9 players and the venue for the play was the seminary football ground. The first place for the tournament was acquired by the lucky 3rd year theology, the second place was secured by the hard working 3rd year philosophy and the third place was bagged by experienced 2nd year theology. The promising player for the tournament was Sem. Aliston Faleiro of 1st year philosophy who smashed only sixes.

Day with the Beneficiaries

19th December 2016: The annual day with the beneficiaries. The day began with the sacrament of reconciliation for the beneficiaries and the Eucharist celebrated by Fr Peter Britto. The second part of the day consisted of a variety entertainment programme for the beneficiaries. The day culminated by a fellowship meal and distribution of gifts to the beneficiaries. The responsibility of the event was shouldered by Sem. Alfi D’Cruz.

Inter Class Football Tie Breaker

9th January 2017: The Sports Cell of Rachol Seminary organized the annual Inter Class Football Tie Breaker. It consisted of 8 teams including the priest and the staff who formed one team. The first place was secured by 3rd year theology, second place 3rd year philosophy and third place by 1st year philosophy.

Mission Academy

22nd Jan 2017 LACARS—IV 2 Paper Presentations:

i) Philosophers : Sem. Anmol D’ Costa & Sem. Arun Souz (II Year) On Mercy

ii) Theologians: Sem. Aaron Magalhaes (III Year) & Sem. Mathew Almeida (II) On Called to be missionaries of Mercy

The annual visit

26th January 2017: The members of the conference visited St Xavier’s Academy, Old Goa on 26th January 2017 to spend few moments of joy with the differently able children of the academy. Entertainment programme and games were the highlights of the day. The members of the academy were then given refreshment and a gift item as a token from the conference. Sem Peter D’Souza was the co-ordinated the event.

Let our play proclaim” (Football Match)

2 February 2017: Football Match between Rachol Seminarians V/S Pilar Seminarians. “Let our play proclaim” was the theme with which the two communities of Rachol and Pilar Mission Seminary began the Annual Friendly match on the football ground of Rachol Seminary at 4:00 pm. The Rachol Seminary claimed its victory, for the third consecutive year.

Catechetical Day

19th February, 2017: The culmination of the Catechetical activity of Rachol Seminary took place on 15th February, 2017. It was attended by catechists and children from 19 different centres numbering 450. The chief guest for the function was Mrs. Maria Estela Velho, a catechist of numerous years of experience at the Our Lady of Livramento Chapel, Arlem-Raia.

The annual sports day

19th of February, 2017: The annual sports day of the Rachol Seminary. The chief guest for this event was Ms. Maria Rebello, parishioner of curtorim and a renowed sportsperson and a profession referee. The event began at 3.15pm with the hoisting of flags, which was followed by the march past by the seminarians. The march past was accompanied by the brass band of the seminary. A drill and Pyramids were performed by the seminarians. 100mts, 200mts creative hurdle race and 4x100mts relay race were conducted for the catechism students.