03rd July 2015 Schema of Lectio Brevis


03rd July 2015 Inaugural of the Formative Year 2015 – 16


16th Dec. 2014 Seminary Day


01st Oct. 2014 Feast of St. Theresa- Patron of Philosophy Seminarians


11th Sept. 2014 Lector & Acolyte


07th Aug. 2014 Sustainable Tourism


10th July. 2014 Sports Seminar


6th July. 2014 L.A.C.A.R.S FIESTA


5th July. 2014 Paddy Cultivation


3rd July. 2014 Inaugural Football Match


3rd July. 2014 Inaugural Function


10th June. 2014 Inaugural of the Catechetical Meet:


06th Feb. 2014 Amchem Daiz -9 (L.A.C.A.R.S.)


30th Jan. 2014 Annual Visit at Kiran Niketan, Birla


16th Jan. 2014 Mission Academy


14th Jan. 2014 LACARS Activity IV: Poster Painting


07th july 2016 Pontifical Mission Organization (P.M.O) GOA


07th july 2016 Lending Library and Book-Stall