‘Showers of Blessings’ on Rachol Seminary on the 5th of July, 2014. It’s a surprize that we transplanted the entire field within a day, inspite of no rains and lack of water in the fields. We pumped out water from the wells and made transplantation easy and possible. The Staff and Seminarians were readily assisted by the 23 concerned women from Borda, Agalli and Rachol.
Labouring in the fields was funnier than an arduous job. The music kept every person happy and entertained. If you were present, you would have enjoyed the mouth-watering Shev-Puri. Besides the photographs, you will get a visual delight of the day through HCN, thanks to Savio Fernandes for the Coverage.
The field work was well coordinated by Fr. Mario Souza, Fr. Polly Lobo and Sem. Anthony Carvalho. What an opportunity to bond with Mother Earth!


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